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Tech talk


Our tech & streaming requirements.

If you want to speak directly to someone in the Support team, click the button to chat with us.
Full HD 1080p at 60, 50, 30 or 25 fps.

8.5 Mbps bitrate. (You can broadcast at a lower bitrate, if your connection or hardware can't handle 8.5 Mbps.)
192 kbps stereo sound. Sample rate: 44.1 Khz or 48 Khz (it is best to match your production audio flow). Preferred audio output level: -16 db.
We use adaptive bitrate algorithms optimized for low-latency environments. The Player measures quality of service and bandwidth availability in real time and adapts video quality and buffer levels, to provide uninterrupted playback.
End-to-end latency is the delay from when a live stream is captured on camera to when it appears on a viewer’s screen. We deliver ultra-low end-to-end latency. As low as 2 seconds, depending on the broadcast location and the viewers device.
Our digital broadcasts are delivered over best-in-class global content delivery networks, optimized for live video streaming.
We partner with Stripe for simple and secure payments—integrated into the core of our product, accepting all major credit and debit cards.
Our ticketing system provides a unique ticket url for each ticket buyer via email as well as a calendar event.
Doors is incorporated in Sweden and reports VAT to all countries within the EU. The VAT percentage differs per country. We have an automatic tax calculation service built into the payment system to ensure the right amount is applied on the back of the ticket price.
We adhere to all the requirements of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation.
Respect for personal data is very important to us. We will ask ticket buyers for their consent upfront and be open and transparent about what we would use their data for.
Read more in our ticket buyer Privacy Policy.
We collaborate with Cloudflare for DNS, CDN, Firewall, DDoS protection, etc. 
Their extensive network of edge servers delivers static content and worker functionality with swift response times, wherever the user is located. Their firewall lets us control and block select territories or IP addresses if needed..
Stripe is our partner for payments, payouts and automatic tax calculations. As a default for individual events, we can transact 100 tickets per second. We will increase that limit if we project higher demand.
Our livestreaming, databases, client-API, ticket-API, load balancers, redis cache, telemetry service and archiving service are run on Amazon Web Services.
Real-time data for chat, reactions, interactions and venue-state handling is delivered via PubNub (which also runs on AWS).
Email messages, such as tickets, are sent via 
Twillio Sendgrid (also serving Spotify, AirBnB and Über among others).
– Chrome (current and most recent prior version)
– Firefox (current and most recent prior version)
– Edge (Windows 8.1 and later with version 44.0 and later)
– Chrome (current and most recent prior version)
– Firefox (current and most recent prior version)
– Safari (current and most recent prior version)

Supported mobile browsers are:
– Safari (current and most recent prior version)
– Chrome for iOS (current and most recent prior version)
– Chrome for Android (current and most recent prior version)