Getting started

Setting up an event


When setting up your first event at Doors you may have questions like these.
If you want to speak directly to someone, please reach out to Support: [email protected]

How do I set up a new event?

Once signed up and signed in, start by adding an artist profile. You can then supply some info about the artist such as a biography, artist page links (such as Spotify, Instagram or Songkick) and an artist image. Once you’ve done that, simply click "Add new event" and fill in a few details about your event.

The event will stay in draft until you choose to publish it and start selling tickets.

Before you can publish any event the artist profile needs to be verified. This typically takes one business day.

Basic details
– Name of the event
– Location, from where the event is broadcasted
– Date, starting time and timezone
– URL slug (the event page will be available at

Text content
– Lead (a shorter event description)
– Description (a longer text that could include a bio of the artist for example)

Media content
– Cover image (square 1080x1080px)
– OG/Ticket email image (1200x630px)

How do I set up tickets?

Start by selecting a "master currency" for your event. This is the currency you’ll be paid in and also forms the base for any currency conversion.

Then set the ticket price, in your master currency.
This is the price that ticket buyers will pay.

What type of connection do I need for optimal streaming?

At your broadcast location you need a stable ethernet connection. WiFi isn’t recommended. The connection speed to the Internet needs to be at least 25 Mbps, but for the best results possible we recommend above 100 Mbps. Make sure that you test your connection well before the event with a service such as

How do I edit an existing event?

When signed in to Doors, you can manage everything about your event.

Please note, a reschedule is required if you need to change the date, start time or timezone of a published event as anyone who has already bought a ticket needs to be informed.

How can I stream-check and soundcheck my event?

When signed in to Doors you’ll see the "Control room" for each event. This is where to find instructions for streaming video preview. You can test your stream at any point to make sure everything works as expected.