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Post event


Here are some questions you may have about what happens after your event.
If you want to speak directly to someone in the Support team, click the button to chat with us.

As soon as we have checked your setlist. Report your setlist in the "Setlist" option in the menu for each event. Once it’s submitted and checked, we’ll get your payout to you in about 24 hours.

Note, your first payout from Doors can take up to 2 weeks, due to Stripe establishing the account connection.

It's highly recommended that your register your songs with a collection society or performing rights organisation (PRO) so that all songwriters are correctly recognised and paid for their work.
However, if you can't find your tracks in our Setlist tool or if a standard setlist doesn't apply to your performance then please contact us at [email protected].

We continuously add data points to the statistics sections. We can’t handle specific requests for individual events, but we're happy to receive ideas and feedback.

Our users’ needs, ideas and feedback steer our product roadmap. Please use this form to share your thoughts and ideas.