Getting started

Event day


Here are some questions you may have on the day of your event.
If you want to speak directly to someone, please reach out to our Support team: [email protected]

What are your advised guidelines for event day?

Inside Doors, your broadcast technician can access streaming instructions and see a preview of the live video stream via the "Control room".
Always test the livestream a few hours before the event is scheduled to start to make sure everything is working as it should.

Start the livestream from your device at least 30 minutes before the event is scheduled to start and let it run. Any ticket holders opening the Venue at this time will see the Upcoming page.

The Venue opens to the audience 15 minutes before the event is scheduled to start – the "Buildup." Your moderator(s) should be signed in to Doors and ready to manage the chat and reactions. Your stream should be stable and ready to go.

Make sure that the livestream continues to run for at least 5 minutes after leaving the 'Live' state. After 60 minutes in the post-show state, 'Reverb', the event will be closed.

How do I start and end the live video stream?

The livestream itself is set up and terminated via the hardware/software used to send the RTMPS signal to our ingest servers. You will find the unique streaming instructions and details in the Control room for each event inside Doors.

When the show is ready to begin, a button within the Control room switches the audience experience from the "Buildup" to "Live".
When the show is over, this same button will allow you to switch from "Live" to the post-show state "Reverb."

Who moderates the chat?

Doors has moderation tools built into every event. As the account holder, it’s up to you to invite a moderator, or multiple moderators, for larger events.

I’m having difficulties mid-stream, who do I contact for support?

Your broadcast technician should closely follow the Control room throughout the event. The streaming logs there will indicate when something is wrong with the stream itself, so your technician can fix the problem.

Support staff from Doors can be reached at [email protected].