Live streamed gems from Stockholm 

One of the most obvious pluses of live-streaming concerts is the chance for bands to reach their fans wherever they may be on this planet. Here at Doors we are proudly international and enjoy the borderless realm of the world wide web along with the opportunities it brings to join us even closer together.

That being said we do have a home and Stockholm is where we hang our hats so we thought we’d share some of our local streamed favorites, each of which also contain some pro tip gems!

36h Ingrid

Regarded by many Stockholmers as their first real taste of “local” live streaming, 36h Ingrid set an extremely high standard early in the pandemic. Somehow pulled together by one-man army Kalle Josephson in lightning speed, this 3 day extravaganza went live worldwide in the afternoon of Friday, March 27, and continually rolled until Sunday, March 30, from the Ingrid studios. Over that short period 30+ live acts and DJ's were showcased and over 2 million people tuned in, donating enough support to make sure that all those performing left with a bit more than just a satisfied smile on their faces.

Highlights included Ingrid label pals Peter, Björn and John, local rising star Stella Explorer, and our dear Esther who'll be performing at Doors on April 23rd.

Two more attempts were made over the coming months but neither managed to reach the lofty heights of this ambitious and impressive example of how to use the network around you, as well as highlighting the huge plus of including multiple bands/DJ's in your line up. No sleep till Stockholm!

Watch 36h Ingrid at Twitch

United We Stream Stockholm

On the Swedish National Day of June 6, 2020, Stockholm was overrun with some extremely well-placed worldwide streamed gigs and DJ sets set up by the United We Stream team. It felt like a 24-hour tour of culturally significant spots as well as the inclusion of a handful of iconic landmarks which now can't help but be viewed through different eyes.

Beginning at the dearly loved late great Hosoi space, a perfectly lit and subtly designed hotel lounge with a state of the art sound system, we soon found ourselves within the red velvet chairs and golden arches of 150+ year old Södra Teatern. Later we were given the pleasure of enjoying radical folk music within the windy open spire of the city hall and dawn brought us top-draw Swedish hip hop as the sun rose over the Hammarbybacken hill.

The chilled gigs around the lush forest and waterways of the Nacka nature reserve took us deeper into Sunday and gave us the soft landing this ideal trip deserved. Now that is how you show the world where you are and own it in the process! It was almost as if the locations were headliners themselves.

Watch United We Stream at Youtube

Gränslandet—Symfonisk fest

Gränslandet (Borderland) - Symfonisk fest is a 2-day music festival led by pianist David Huang and conductor Christian Karlsen and a fantastically inspiring example of how to reframe classical music as something for everyone, not just the elite. The 2020 edition was successfully transmitted live at Trägården, which is a mostly outdoor series of clubbing spaces placed beneath a huge bridge; a satisfying contrast in of itself.

Lucky viewers were able to experience a 70 person symphony orchestra far more intimately then would usually be possible, giving the rare feeling of actually being right there in the woodwind or string sections; without risking personal safety from the maestro's swishing batons. They also smartly added a gamification element of tiered prizes for each level of support reached, climaxing with the 15,000kr target unlocking the ultimate aim of getting Christian to dab instead of a traditional bow at the end. The perfect way to bring it all to a fitting close!

Watch the trailer for Gränslandet Symfonisk fest on Youtube

Lumen Project—Transmissions

A simply stunning experience featuring dozens of awe inspiring examples of how to explore this medium to its full extent. This epic almost 9 hour journey was pre-recorded in New York, Beirut, Paris, Reykjavik, and 3 different Swedish locations, including what could be described as a “base” of Eric Ericsonhallen, a former church on the Stockholm island of Skeppsholmen. Included were so many perfect moments that the immersed viewer will often find themselves wondering how on earth all these performers understood to fit together so seamlessly well.

We were invited to a guided meditation in the trees and to witness Mariam The Believer breastfeeding whilst singing to her baby on a rock in the forest; then welcomed into a sun drenched church filled with the voices of a choir roaming the space as if in ritual; Guinean Fanta Yayo singing in Stockholm whilst Senegalese Lamine Cissokho plays kora via tv link-up; the Beirut concert involves a mesmerizing series of laptops streaming "live" in people's homes with glimpses of those enjoying the show in their own specific ways. If you need examples of how to go above and beyond then look no further. This is a deeply satisfying stream at peak creativity.

Watch Lumen Project—Transmissions at Youtube

The Hives’ The World Wide Web Tour


(Image credit: Javier Bragado/WireImage)

How do you hold a literal world tour when travel is out of the question? Local rock heroes The Hives had a simple solution to bypass this challenge: Rather than a singular stream played around the globe, why not hold 6 unique shows scheduled to the time zone of the city you’re performing for? And all without leaving Stockholm?

Dubbed “The World Wide Web Tour”, the band went above and beyond the call of duty to give these shows an authentic “real gig” feeling, with each “stop” reflecting every city on the tour. They did everything from accepting live phone calls to incorporating fan-made crowd noise to maximise and ensure genuine participation! All serving to heighten the experience for all concerned.

Via just a single steady cam, the stream somehow perfectly captured the manic energy of frontman Pelle Almqvist and his band, as they charged through roaring renditions of their music amongst their iconic tour production set-up. It was a show drenched in the band’s trademark rock and roll stylings, showcasing their ingenuity, playfulness, and commitment to their fans - resulting in a rumoured 35,000 tickets sold and proving that going the extra mile can certainly cement your live-stream’s success.

Watch The Hives’ The World Wide Web Tour at Youtube