A new possible beyond the pandemic

Climate change awareness

We are way beyond Madonna's multiple tour buses. This was obvious even before Covid knocked the whole industry sideways. Massive Attack and Coldplay, amongst many others, had already publicly stated a pause was needed for tours "as they are" in the hope that a new way could be explored, one that would be less demanding of the Earth's resources. Of course, big data leaves its own dent in this sense, but there is clearly much more to consider in terms of the travel of masses of people getting to shows, as well as the energy needs of venues or festivals. No one wants to replace live gigs obviously (least of all us at Doors!), but with live streaming we could make slimmer tours possible and hopefully help reduce another carbon footprint.

Unlimited sized venues

Got fans in Brazil? Cool! Ever been there to play for them? Unlikely. Live streaming could give whole continents of fans the chance they've never had as they've been left out of world tours way too often.

Have you played full 2,000 capacity shows in Paris but barely sold 150 tickets in Oslo? Yeah, join the club. Your fans could be with you for a few selected gigs wherever you are! Why on earth wouldn't that be a win-win-win situation?

How special could your New Zealand crew be made to feel by you targeting them directly with a time-zone aware chance of a lifetime?

Also what a way to truly test if you could actually risk the finances it would take to get there on the next tour? Are you with me here? Is this thing on?

Being prepared

Hey venues! Think people are just gonna flock back to you in droves the second the lockdown is lifted? Think again. As if some people weren't already anxious enough in a crowd they now have to suddenly adapt to being up close to sweaty fans again?

Personally I can't wait for that to happen, but even for me this is gonna feel weird for a while for sure! Also Covid babies are a thing now and that doesn't exactly make it easier to get to gigs. But even disregarding all this, let’s understand this fact: big tours tend to stop in capital cities only. In Sweden, Skellefteå, home of 90's pop indie favs the Wannadies, is 10 hours away by train.

Do. You. Get. Me? Get multiple cameras set up. You'll need them.


And to further that point there are now ways to cordon off whole countries in this new age we are in. Geofencing allows you the chance to make sure your Berlin show reaches only the rest of Germany and therefore not interfering with the possible attendance in Vienna the next week.

Same goes for avoiding the anger of the promoter in Barcelona who’s venue is empty because the whole city watched the stream from Marseille. Flip that script and allow everyone from Málaga to Bilbao to be able to tune in from the comfort of their own air conditioned homes, instead of standing in line beneath the scorching sun.

On tour, on point


Ask any band and they will tell you that they are at their tightest and most ready whilst on tour. Their sets are finely tuned, their instruments are tweaked and most importantly their mind sets are primed for the road.

Also the whole operation wouldn't last a weekend if not for the awesome work tour managers do at every single stop. There is no better time to arrange a live streamed show and why not do so at that wonderful old theatre space you always loved playing at in the past?

Save the stories you always tell about how it feels to play there and show them!