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Inspiring Concert Films of the Past →

The saying goes “The past is behind, learn from it.” In that spirit we have compiled a selection of concerts that changed and expanded the very concept of what a (filmed) live performance is. From conceptual to practical effects, these unique moments in musical history can serve as inspiration for today’s artists.

Unique Live-Streaming Concerts in the Covid Age →

The upheaval of Covid-19 has compelled many musicians to use video to express their art and reach fans stuck at home. We’ve compiled a few inventive and memorable examples.

Learning From Decades of Streaming Experience →

With more artists than ever utilising the medium in their shows, challenges and questions remain: How to engage an audience from afar? How to build anticipation for an event? How to enhance a distant experience?

Crucial Mistakes to Avoid in a Livestream →

Many live-streams look, sound and feel the same. Here’s a list of what to avoid to create a memorable and evocative experience.

Building an Engaged Audience for Your Livestream →

So you’ve planned the perfect live-stream. Built a jaw-dropping set, involved a brilliant choreographer, collaborated with a fantastic cinematographer. Everything is set for you to wow your digital audience.

Except hardly any of them tuned in.

Live streamed gems from Stockholm →

Stockholm is where we hang our hats so we thought we’d share some of our local streamed favorites, each of which also contain some pro tip gems!

A new possible beyond the pandemic →

Unlimited sized venues.
Being prepared.
On tour, on point.

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