No upfront costs. No monthly fees. No hidden charges.

Pure revenue sharing. 70% of the profit to the artist.

As the artist, you establish the end-consumer ticket price.

We report and manage all charges for VAT (value added tax) and performance-rights management fees, based on which countries your ticket buyers are located in.



VAT is deducted from ticket sales within the European Union only.

No sales tax is applied outside of the EU.

VAT levels in the EU vary depending on the country.


Performance-rights management fees

Doors is responsible for and administrates compensation to performance rights and collective management organisations.

It’s a complex process and rates vary between different countries.

We’ve simplified this into two tiers.

Doors will deduct:

→ 7% from tickets sold in the US

→ 12% from tickets sold outside of the US


If you have ticket buyers in the US, Germany, and Sweden, VAT will be deducted from the German and Swedish ticket sales (within the EU), but not the ticket sales in the US (outside EU).

Performance-rights management fees will be deducted at 7% for US ticket buyers and at 12% for your ticket buyers in Germany and Sweden.