A platform of possibilities

No need to download an app, Doors is a web-based service that allows fans to stream full HD performances to whichever browser and device they choose.

Global chat

Join fans around the world in our optional group chat channel to spread the love and share the moment.

Fan rooms

When a few different bands are on the bill, we create individual rooms for each fandom to hangout and nerdout.

Virtual emotions

Fans can use emojis and reactions to express themselves during the show. So far 20M+ reactions have been sent from more than 110 different countries.

Hosts on hand

Our hosts are real people – not bots – answering questions in real time. They create engagement and keep things friendly...in a range of global languages.
Using our digital venue templates, you can design a show that suits your style. Add live chat or pre-recorded footage, keep it short or go all-in!

The value in real human viewers

Open, invitational or ticketed. Everyone accessing the venue is authenticated. Creating a space without bots. Where value is created through GDPR compliant data, upsell and building relations.

World Class Ticketing

Rely on Doors’ simple and secure checkout to sell tickets around the world. Our system allows your fans to buy at a reasonable price for their market and find their tickets with ease.

Tokenised tickets

When you buy a ticket from us, we create a secure ticket token that grants unique access to our venue.

Check out 
in a click

We don’t ask our customers to sign up for an account when they pay, keeping the check-out process quick and simple.

Accept 135+ currencies

We accept 135 currencies through all major credit and debit cards plus Apple and Google Pay.

Rounding patterns

We not only adjust the price of our tickets for each region, but we round the amount up or down for a smoother checkout process.


We currently offer our website, checkout, and venue in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian & more.

Global Price Index

We automatically adjust the price of our tickets based on region, keeping shows affordable for fans around the world.

Brilliant bookkeeping

Doors automates VAT calculation in our payment system to ensure the correct amount is deducted from each purchase.

product engine

Boost merch sales and keep shipping simple with our e-commerce solution.

Merch and more

Bundle tickets with T-shirts, vinyl records or posters. Keep your merch table open and sell even when the show’s over!

Easy e-commerce

With super limited edition items, we can provide a timed shopping basket to keep sales moving.

Special offer codes

Send fans and sponsors exclusive codes so they can watch the show for free or claim exclusive merch at discount prices.

Product availability

We enable global distribution from multiple fulfilment centers, so you can decide on how to ship merch and to which countries.

Dynamic shipping

We automatically calculate shipping based on region and weight, and can connect to your merchandisers via API.


Our system allows you to use your own branding on everything from the event page and tickets to confirmation emails and the venue itself. Take over the platform and make it your own!

Ticket takeover

Brand your own tickets for a personalised end-to-end experience.

Striped storefront

Use your own colors and logos to bring your merch store to life, then fill it with unmissable items.

Event Management System

Get control

Plan, monitor and run your show from our intuitive backoffice system.
→ Preview your stream
→ Submit your setlist
→ Update event info
→ Monitor ticket sales
...and much more!


From the backoffice, you can keep a close eye on fan reactions and requests. You can jump in and chat, offer support or block disruptive viewers.

Audience data

When fans give their consent to the venue, organiser or artist, you’ll get an overview of audience data which you can use to send updates or boost sales.