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Selected cases

Broadcast production

We fully manage each event and partner up with production companies and freelancers to assemble the best team for each show.

Production cost ranges, but we have solutions for small, medium and large scale events.

Marketing & PR

Our experienced marketing team will form a unique communication strategy together with you. Based on the budget, target audience, and creative assets, we handle the ad spend and continuously optimize based on data. We also offer traditional PR services, including storytelling, messaging, and processing media. We distribute press releases towards entertainment media when an event/concert is confirmed, either directly ourselves or through 3rd party partners.

Tickets & Merchandise

At Doors you are able to offer unique bundle deals, not just single ticket purchase. It could be a ticket together with a t-shirt, vinyl record, poster or any other shippable goods. A limited edition drop for your show allowing fans to keep a physical memento from a magical moment, or offering the inventory you already sell elsewhere.

On demand merchandise

If you don’t have inventory ready to ship, or if you want to offer your audience something special – we can help by taking care of design, manufacture, and shipping.

Value packs

Offer your fans ticket packages of 2, 3 or 5 tickets for a special price, inviting their friends to watch together: increase revenue and bring more people to your show. We work with you to establish the optimal proposition for your target audience.

Geo target and global price index

Geo fencing makes it possible to only allow ticket buyers from selected countries. This could for example be useful if you plan a virtual tour targeting different parts of the world.

Another common use case is for promoters and booking agents who have acquired the streaming rights for a certain country or countries.

By default we allow ticket buyers from anywhere in the world. You can choose to block certain countries or set a global restriction and then let certain countries bypass.

Global price index

We aggregate data points from numerous sources generating a ticket price index, which can be applied to create multiple price tiers. Optimise sales, whilst avoiding alienating fans by prohibitively expensive prices: think about it as a Big Mac index for digital tickets.

We launched the index in conjunction with our Damon Albarn show and sold tickets in 72 countries.


Doors have agreements with Performing Rights Organizations to make sure that the rightsholders (lyricists and composers) get paid.

Automatic tax

Doors is a Swedish corporation and reports VAT to all countries within the EU as well as the United Kingdom. The VAT percentage differs per country. We automate tax calculation in our payment system service to make sure the right amount is deducted on each purchase.