Do it yourself

Run your ticketed live-streamed show at Doors.

Creating an account at Doors to organize livestreamed events is free and there are no subscription fees.


Our pricing model is based on revenue sharing. Read more about pricing

We support accounts in 39 countries with ticket buyers from anywhere in the world. If you have any questions please reach out via [email protected] or chat.


Creator Services

Moe and Gavin are the bridge between the artists on our platform and other teams at Doors. They draw on extensive experience in the music industry to support artists, managers, promoters and other users. They write inspirational content to guide artists in livestreaming. Reach out when you need guidance around the format of your show.


Get control

Doors is an open platform where the artist calls the tunes.

Easy admin

Once you’re signed up and signed in, creating an event is easy. Enter a few details such as what you’re calling your event, the time, date and timezone.

Add a few lines of description, so your audience knows what they're buying tickets for.

Press save and we automatically setup everything you need behind the scenes.

135+ currencies


Doors is powered by Stripe for payments globally and support 135+ currencies.

You set the consumer ticket price.
We report and manage all deductions (VAT and copyright fees) based on which countries your ticket buyers are located in.

Read more about pricing.

Audience moderation

Moderation utilities where you can remove unwanted messages or even block users who don't follow the rules.

Results & statistics

Get an overview of how your ticket sales are going and how much traffic you drive to the event page.



The oldest Jazz venue in Sweden.

From simple streaming via Facebook to professional ticketed streams at Doors.

Loud & clear

At Doors you get high definition video streamed in realtime.

Full HD 1080p video in top streaming quality

Our product delivers high-end video and audio at 8.5 Mbit per second. That's three times the quality of many other streaming platforms. In the event that ticket holders have more limited bandwidth available, adaptive quality is delivered.

All to make your production look stellar.

Artist first. Front & center.

The event pages feature the artist's artwork making it theirs. An image or background video that communicates the artist as soon as the audience enters the page.

Being in the same present.


Our streaming service deliver the live video around the planet in ultra-low latency. From when it is captured on camera to when it appears on a viewer’s screen is as low as 2 seconds, depending on the broadcast location and the viewers device.

Being in the same present enable realtime interaction that would otherwise be lost.

Read more about tech

Ad free

Doors is a clean canvas. No banners, no pre rolls—just pure artistry.

As an artist you can have brands being part of your event or broadcast production. But we wouldn't clutter the space.

Doors removes friction with automation and simplification.

VAT & copyright → automated reporting.


You decide what ticket price your end-consumer pays.
We'll handle taxes and copyright fees out of that price, based on where your ticket buyers live.

Access your event with any device.

Doors’ service is browser-based.
View events on a smartphone, tablet, computer or a TV via AirPlay/Chromecast.

Guide: How to watch on your TV

Simple checkout

We've made it really easy for people to buy tickets.
No accounts or registration.

As soon as the purchase is completed the ticket is presented to the ticket buyer. The ticket and details are also sent to their inbox.