Doors removes friction with automation and simplification.

VAT & copyright → automated reporting.


You decide what ticket price your end-consumer pays.
We'll handle taxes and copyright fees out of that price, based on where your ticket buyers live.

Access your event with any device.

Doors’ service is browser-based.
View events on a smartphone, tablet, computer or a TV via AirPlay/Chromecast.

Simple checkout

We've made it really easy for people to buy tickets.
No accounts or registration.

As soon as the purchase is completed the ticket is sent via email and optionally also added to the calendar.

Fast payouts with Stripe Connect


For swift and secure payouts we use Stripe. The first time you’ve had an event at Doors you’ll be guided in creating a connected account.

After each subsequent event just submit a setlist to initiate the payout. The money will be in your account about 24 hours later.