Loud & clear

At Doors you get high definition video streamed in realtime.

Full HD 1080p video in top streaming quality

Our product delivers high-end video and audio at 8.5 Mbit per second. That's three times the quality of many other streaming platforms.

All to make your production look stellar.

Artist first. Front & center.

The event pages feature the artist's artwork making it theirs. An image or background video that communicates the artist as soon as the audience enters the page.

Being in the same present.


Our streaming service deliver the live video around the planet in ultra-low latency. From when it is captured on camera to when it appears on a viewer’s screen is as low as 2 seconds, depending on the broadcast location and the viewers device.

Being in the same present enable realtime interaction that would otherwise be lost.

Ad free

Doors is a clean canvas. No banners, no pre rolls—just pure artistry.

As an artist you can have brands being part of your event or broadcast production. But we wouldn't clutter the space.