Get control

Doors is an open platform where the artist calls the tunes.

Easy admin


Once you’re signed up and signed in, creating an event is easy. Enter a few details such as what you’re calling your event, the time, date and timezone.

Add a few lines of description, so your audience knows what they're buying tickets for.

Press save and we automatically setup everything you need behind the scenes.

135+ currencies


Doors is powered by Stripe for payments globally and support 135+ currencies.

You set the consumer ticket price.
We report and manage all deductions (VAT and copyright fees) based on which countries your ticket buyers are located in.

Read more about pricing.

Audience moderation

Moderation utilities where you can remove unwanted messages or even block users who don't follow the rules.

Results & statistics

Get an overview of how your ticket sales are going and how much traffic you drive to the event page.