Albin Lee Meldau

Livestream from Stockholm

Thursday April 22, 20:00 CEST

Albin Lee Meldau

Thursday Apr 22 at 20:00 CEST
The Buildup starts at 19:45 CEST

Get an exclusive sneak peek at Albin Lee Meldau’s new material. Join the singer-songwriter for the first public performance of his new single in an intimate evening of music. Live-streamed from Stockholm, Albin will mix old favourites with new material from upcoming releases.

Albin Lee Meldau

To reveal his inspiration and motivation, you need only to distill Albin’s breathtaking songs down to their essence.

“Storytelling,” says the native of Gothenburg, Sweden. “That’s what will matter in the long run. If I achieve that, I’m happy. Anyone can sing.”

First and foremost, Albin considers himself a musical correspondent who not only documents what he feels, but also what he sees. You’ll discover his gift for weaving emotion, detail and humanity into a unique blend of classic soul and modern pop. But that comes later. First you’ll hear his voice and be blown away.

Sure, anyone can sing, but as NPR writes: “Few singers can command an audience’s attention quite like Albin Lee Meldau. His voice is breathtaking, soulful, thunderous and impossible to ignore.”


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His voice is breathtaking, soulful, thunderous and impossible toignore