Metronomy Live from Colour Factory

The Pitchfork Music brand is owned by Conde Nast, and it one of the largest independent online music destinations in the world. With existing festival properties in Chicago and Paris, they launched the first Pitchfork Music Festival in London in November 2021.
As part of the overall programming strategy, a special show was put on in a small venue with a unique band - Metronomy. The band had recorded their 7th album, Small World, and the concert doubled as the launch party for the never before heard songs.
Pitchfork wanted to make the London debut special but Coronavirus was still a concern and capacities needed to be smaller. Exposure, earned media and revenue were under pressure.
A global livestream addressed all of these threats for Conde Nast, Pitchfork and the band.
Working together with the promoter FORM, Mercury Studios (part of Universal Music Group) and Because Records, Doors created a magical “underplay” in the Colour Factory, Shoreditch.
Furthermore, to commemorate the special occasion, Doors collaborated with Metronomy to create a series of fine art prints which were crafted and framed in Hackney, London, along with posters and T-shirts. A signed transparent version of the album ‘Small World’ was also made available for purchase together with the tickets.
The 300-capacity venue was a big change from the 3000+ venues that Metronomy normally fill, so adding a livestream gave Pitchfork greater reach and exposure, and the audience a connection to the band who hadn’t played in two years, as well as incremental revenue.
The livestream and two subsequent broadcasts targeted different time zones, reaching fans around the world and bringing much-needed joy after months of isolation and hardship. Pitchfork is now using this format as part of their London programming in 2022.

Services provided

→ Marketing strategy and execution, alongside Mercury Studios, the label and management
→ Global Price Index
→ Ticketing and merchandising
→ Moderation
→ HD livestreaming across multiple time zones
→ Performance rights management
→ GDPR compliant data collection
→ Tax clearance
→ Reporting