Europe’s first K-Pop mega festival

Korean culture has exploded as a global export over the last decade. From TV and film to music and dance, the rise of ‘hallyu’ has been unstoppable. K-pop is the fastest growing music segment globally and acts such as BTS and BLACKPINK now some of the world's most successful artists.
In 2022, Live Company Group plc (LVCG) – in collaboration with the Korean broadcaster SBS – decided to launch KPOP.FLEX, a festival brand that allowed European fans to see some the best live shows that K-pop has to offer.
The premiere event took place in Frankfurt's Deutsche Bank Arena in May 2022, hosting eleven acts over two days with more than 60,000 attendees.
LVCG wanted to establish its brand as a promoter of K-pop, enabling a global conversation where fans across the world could participate in the massive live stream event, whilst generating revenue from ticket sales and merchandising. Without having to worry about scalability, user experience, rights, tax clearances and so forth.
Doors worked closely with LVCG and SBS (the latter worked as executive producers on site, with production services provided by NEP Group) to define the proposition and put together a marketing and PR campaign in collaboration with LVCG’s management and PR firm.
The global appeal of K-pop allowed Doors to make the most of some of our unique features: from our Global Price Index for tickets, our multi-language venue, individual chat channels for each artist fandom so fans could share their love and interact together in real-time and merchandising.
Before, during and after the live performance (as well as additional streams catering for a variety of time zones) Doors provided live support in multiple languages ensuring that ticket buyers could enjoy with a minimum of friction.
Doors was able to extend the event live online to fans in 100+ countries around the world.
SBS broadcasted the event in South Korea, and Doors applied both territorial and financial geo filtering to ensure that SBS’s rights were respected and safe-guarded.

Services provided

→ Legal expertise in rights negotiations
→ Marketing strategy and execution
→ Geo Filtering (IP as well as financial) excluding South Korea
→ Multiple languages (landing pages, support etc)
→ Global Price Index
→ Ticketing and merchandising
→ Individual fandom verticals for co-viewing
→ Moderation
→ HD live streaming across multiple time zones
→ Performance rights management
→ Tax clearance
→ GDPR compliant data collection
→ Reporting