Behind the scenes

Juliander — Live at Doors

At Doors we work hard to deliver extraordinary livestreaming experiences, customized for the artist, the event and the virtual venue.

With ultra-low latency HD video and audio, Doors enabled Juliander to forge an optimal connection in real-time to his global fan community.

‘Artists first’ is our commitment.

Innovating the livestreamed concert  

We empower performers to rethink their art through livestreaming. With Doors, artists can navigate this new landscape with confidence and stream a performance that truly matters to fans. Doors is an emotional and boundary-pushing technological toolbox that helps artists monetize their talent and design a deep connection to their audience.

Engagement, ticketing, broadcasting, reporting and payments.

Close collaboration with artists and their management.

By giving artists tools to power the exchange of energy with an audience, the performance becomes a sublime, real-time living, breathing entity.

Doors’ Incubator curates events in close collaboration with artists. The world-class execution and professional production ensures their vision comes alive. Every performer is different—our platform seamlessly caters to individual needs and becomes a creative playground.


Our broadcast production partner NEP worked with Juliander’s team to craft an experience that captured the young artist’s vision for an evening where he could truly interact with his fans and share personal and intimate moments.

Doors is fully scalable and customizable
—a virtual venue for artists.

We’re exploring what live concert streaming can be.

We connect the dots between a concert experience, organizational workflows and the culture that drives it all where the artist’s brand is at the forefront.

Artists get a one-stop-shop for engagement, ticketing, broadcasting, reporting and payments.

Thanks to our partnerships with industry leaders including NEP, AWS and Stripe.


To truly innovate, collaboration needs to go beyond great teamwork.

Together with our partners, we’re discovering just how imaginative this medium can be. While we exceed the highest quality demands in our current production, we’re also building the next generation of features to keep enhancing the engagement between performers and their audience.