The Flirting Helpline

IQ is a subsidiary to Systembolaget (the alcohol monopoly in Sweden), tasked with educating and creating awareness around healthy – as well as unhealthy – habits pertaining to consumption of alcohol.
Their vision is "a society where people enjoy alcohol conscientious of health, without detrimental ramifications to others."
IQ asked the international creative agency Perfect Fools to create an event with five Swedish artists on the topic of "pickups" (‘raggningshjälpen’ in Swedish). The concept was for each artist to perform live and then join a discussion about alcohol and the experience of hooking up on a night out.
Perfect Fools enlisted Doors to fully produce their creative vision, allowing a wide audience to participate in the experience, and then join the conversation.
Doors collaborated – as we often do – with Creative Technology for the live broadcast and used our own moderated chat modules to manage the discussions. This included highlighting questions that the artists were debating (projected on a massive LED wall behind the stage).
Access to the event was provided for free in return for users registering their personal details and providing consent for further and future communications from IQ.
The outcome was a flawless interactive experience highlighting a very important topic in an accessible and entertaining fashion.

Services provided

→ Location including scenography, lighting, audio etc. in accordance with client spec
→ Full broadcast production
→ Local language support (landing page and support)
→ Free access in exchange for email sign-up
→ Moderation, including highlighting questions on LED wall
→ HD live streaming
→ GDPR compliant data collection
→ Reporting