It pays to be a member of H&M

In addition to membership benefits such as early access to sales, bonus points and free shipping, H&M seeks to create unique experiences for its members to further reinforce their relationship. There are more than 100 million people signed up to the membership programme across the world.
Music has always been a core component of the H&M universe, perhaps most famously the Versace and Prince collaboration in 2011, the Zenzo + H&M collection with musician Anna of the North, the “Selected by the Weeknd” capsule collection back in 2017, and more recently Billie Eilish’s sustainable clothing collection.
H&M sought to deepen the relationship with existing members, as well as recruit new members, in specific markets whilst also generating revenue through e-commerce and launched the brand H&M New Sounds.
H&M worked through their in-house creative team and third party production company, in close collaboration with Sony Music, to create a unique event with the Italian artist GAIA.
Doors had previously been enlisted by H&M Germany, enabling a live performance from Berlin where H&M members were issued vouchers to get access to the live performances of ELIF and Lie-Ning.
This time H&M wanted to take it one step further, in that GAIA would also curate and design a limited edition fashion line which would be made available in conjunction with the digital live performance. Since the German live stream, H&M incubated H&M Creator Studios* – a print-on-demand solution, with Doors as a founding partner, which they were keen to put to play.
Doors enabled a voucher system issuing unique tokens allowing only H&M members in Italy to purchase tickets, as well as managed the live streaming of the event, including a moderated Q&A with GAIA and an e-commerce layer allowing fans to purchase the limited edition clothing line that she curated.
The reception and engagement with fans – who also happened to be H&M members – that acquired tickets was very high, with the highest attach rates of good sold that Doors’ had seen to date (i.e. percentage of ticket buyers who also acquired goods through e-commerce).

Services provided

→ Geo Filtering (IP as well as financial) limiting to Italy
→ Local language support (landing page and support)
→ H&M members only access to ticket purchase
→ Merchandising
→ Doors’ Slides, allowing real time mixing of pre-recorded content and live broadcast
→ Moderation
→ HD live streaming
→ Performance rights management
→ GDPR compliant data collection
→ Tax clearance
→ Reporting