Run the show

Everything you need to create unique
livestreamed experiences and get paid. 

A new possible

Virtual venues without boundaries.
Where you control the experience.
Uninterrupted & uncompromised.

Simplifying artistry


Get control

→ Event management
→ Set local price and currency
→ Livestream control room
→ Moderator tools
→ Access fan data

Loud & clear

→ High quality video & audio
→ Realtime streaming
→ Customize your event space
→ Clustered chat & fan feedback
→ Ad free


→ Automated VAT reporting
→ Automated copyright reporting
→ Fans access from any device
→ Smooth ticket checkout
→ Fast payouts

“Doors begins where Twitch ends”

— Jonas Tempel, founder of Beatport

Questions answered

Doors is everything an artist needs to harness the full potential of livestreaming and get paid fairly. A one-stop-shop for engagement, ticketing, broadcasting, reporting and more.

Doors puts you in charge of your own performance and the viewer experience. Monetization is direct and access to precious fan data is yours. With Doors, you get the best possible tools to entertain your fans.

If you need a production partner we have global partnerships with broadcast production companies for large events. But with Doors, it’s actually easy to handle production yourself with a small team.

None. It takes minutes to sign up and start planning your first event.
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Doors also offers creative support and high-end production—providing a customizable one-stop shop on request.