Doors was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2020 by serial tech entrepreneurs, experienced product developers and broadcast innovators.
We're redefining broadcasting together with leading media houses and broadcasters around the world.
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Design unique video services and orchestrate dynamic mixed media content flows merging linear, on-demand and live video with interactivity and shopping. Ensuring uniformity across different devices.
Decide who sees, does and buys what, when and where. Control timelines and target content, interactions and e-commerce using rule sets. Collect behavioural data to define and personalize the end-user experience.
Drive deeper engagement with a rewarding multiscreen experience that lets your audience discover more content through contextual recommendations, interact and shop while watching.
Unlock new revenue with hybrid business models and integrated e-commerce for content access, add-ons as well as shippable goods.

Behind it all.

Doors EMS is a powerful toolbox that allows you to create captivating interactive video services from the ground up. Manage them across teams with real time control of all audience touch points across devices.
A completely different approach to creation, scheduling and targeting.
You get ridiculous flexibility.
Nothing looks like something.
You make everything look like you want it.
It doesn't come with predefined limitations.
Based on layout elements, behavior states, themes, transitions & animations, rule-based adaptation and targeting you create almost any experience.

It's a tool to

But you can start by using it for something like VOD, Pay TV or Special events. And then go deeper over time.

It all starts
with assets.

Your media on your MAM, CDN or elsewhere – it doesn't matter.
Doors then gives you real time control over every end-user experience. All through one system.
Adapt and adjust for different users on different platforms – web, native apps for mobile and smart TVs.
Run in the cloud or on your premises.
Empowering the next generation video services.
Built for broadcasters and content distributors.

Orchestrate. Adapt. Engage. Monetize.

Create stronger audience experiences more efficiently and unlock revenue faster with one unified workflow.